The Playful Dialogues of Rachael Gorchov


by Etty Yaniv; all photos by Etty Yaniv unless otherwise indicated


Rachael Gorchov in front her work at TSA; photo courtesy the artist

Presented in a striking bright light, Rachael Gorchov’s recent work at TSA resonates as an exemplar collection of exotic hybrid species in an alternate universe. Varying in size and placed in different vantage points from the top to the bottom of the gallery walls, Gorchov’s diverse painted objects create a playful dialogue with each other. While each object can stand alone, altogether as a group they form whimsical and cohesive variations on suburban landscapes, such as the lawns, ponds, skies and flora that surround offices and industrial parks. That said, Gorchov emphasizes that the landscapes in her paintings do not reflect places but rather capture moods in form of conglomerated places and painterly abstractions.


Partial installation view of Making Strange

For this body of work, which Gorchov both created and curated, the creation process involved photography and drawings of the grounds and architecture in office and industrial parks in suburbia. First she photographs the grounds, then in her studio she makes objects and sketches. “Often I will have a general idea of an object and landscape combination, but it’s usually quite vague at first. It emerges through building forms and sketching,” Gorchov explains.

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